Friday, 12 April 2013

Stolen From Captain Birdseye

Ok, this is not a great 'blogging -comeback' photo, I am looking fairly awkward. Putting that aside though, I love this outfit. I like clothes with a sense of humour, things which aren't supposed to be taken seriously. This coat is such a thing. It is clearly meant for children or Captain Birdseye but I don't care. 

Dress_Mango, shirt_Primark and coat_StolenfromCaptainBirdseye (Petit Bateau). 


  1. girl your blog is amazing!
    your hair is amazing and your yellow coat is amazing too :)) totally in love :D

  2. Cute and loved your coat:)

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  3. Pretty!


  4. love love your style!!
    youre the best, hope you follow back <3
    Sergio, xx

  5. Your coat is great! And I have that thing too, but with earrings. I always buy these giant, overly plastic looking earrings that aren't my style at all, but I really love them!

    xo Sootjeelina