Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tourists = Money Stop Motion Film

The theme of my Camden film is Tourists = Money, I wanted to convey this theme quite literally within my film. The purpose of my film is to aid the promotion of the clothes we will be selling in our pop-up shop, so I thought it is important to highlight the influences behind my film as well as the clothes.

The theme of money and tourism was reflected in my film through the use of coins, cameras, photographs, maps and having the models dressed as tourists. However there is an ironic tone to the film, although the models are dressed as tourists, their t-shirts contain slogans like ‘Welcome to fucking Camden’ and ‘Don’t ask me for directions, ok?’ The irony of the film continues by the map telling tourists that Camden is fantastic but this is contrasted by the reality of the London riots. I thought that it was important to show the contrast between the idyllic way London is portrayed and the reality of how it is. This extends into the opinions of the public who live in Camden and their attitude towards tourists.

I created my film using stop motion because I thought that this would reinforce the idea of tourists taking photos. When I originally settled on this theme I looked into how other people had created similar films. One film, which particularly influenced me, was on Youtube called ‘Stop Motion With Wolf and a Pig’. This film was created using a sequence filmed in stop motion and then shown using photographs in another stop motion. This use of photographs was something that I wanted to use in my film.

I wanted to use a split screen technique like the one seen in Kenzo’s pre-fall stop motion film, directed by Quentin Jones. This technique adds a whole new dimension to an otherwise basic stop motion film. 

As always, I would love to know what you think. 

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