Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Music Blogs

I must confess that as a blogger I really only read fashion blogs. This week at uni we were asked to explore some music blogs and other than Pointless, Harsh and Long, which is written by my talented friend Andy, I don't know any. 
So obviously my first port of call was to type 'Music blogs' into Google - I don't know why I have never done this before!! So much good music, here are some of the things I have found and LOVE.

Pointless, Harsh and Long, all kinds of good - just read it. 

The Pop Cop, New Year by LAYLA is definitely worth a listen, this girl has a properly beautiful voice and is crazy talented. 

I have to confess that I am not a lover of dance/house/remixed music but exploring music blogs is to get us to listen to listen to things that we might normally avoid. New Music Blog had me listening to "No More Dubstep" House Mix. This is a perfect example of something that I would never ever choose to listen to but was surprised by how much I liked it. 

Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love this blog - Underground Hip Hop Collection Blog

Breaking More Waves is a small music blog with all kinds of hidden treasures. Thank you to this blog for introducing me to San Zhi. 

Gold Flake Paint, a brill blog with good music and photography. I would recommend listening to LIEFE - GOODBYE CHANEL. 

My band's Better Than Your Band introduced me to Lion Babe - girls dressed as lions and singing seriously cool songs. Yes really, dressed as lions. 

Lots and lots of stuff that I've never heard of and am still not 100% sure I like, but still a very interesting blog - No Fear Of Pop.

If I'm being honest, I went on this blog because I liked the name... Drunken Werewolf However, it turned out to be a great blog filled with treats like Cemeteries - Young Blood which has a great video accompanying it.

Finally,Crack In the Road, is filled with song which will make you dance, I promise. The 1975 - Chocolate and Mausi - M O V E. Do it and do it now!

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  1. Heyyy. So I am new to blogging, and your blog, but this post is a great resource. I am way into the fashion side of blogging (albeit i'm very very green) but I think for me my blog will have to diversify into music, food, literature, drink, art, because honestly, fashion alone just isn't enough. Looking forward to checking these out later today.