Thursday, 6 September 2012


I don't blog because I have a devotion to writing, in fact I really dislike writing, which is probably why I'm terrible at it. I'm more of a 'picture speaks 1000 words' kind of girl. However, my friend Andy is a very talented writer and he has started a music blog. He is an absolute music geek so if you share his passion for music or even just enjoy listening to the odd tune, I urge you to go and read his blog -

Now, lets talk New York Fashion Week. New York is not my favourite fashion week, I think it is missing the individuality and style of the others, seriously, no New York show measures up to the likes of Meadham Kirchhoff. I know that it hosts some of the biggest players in fashion so obviously it is one to watch but I find it bland and colourless in comparison to London and Paris. 

However, this September I am interested in seeing Katie Holmes' debut catwalk show with her brand 'Holmes and Yang' which takes place on September 12th. 
Is she just another actress who is looking for something else to put on her C.V? Or, will she become the next Victoria Beckham, who has really proved herself as being worthy of the title of designer? Holmes definitely has style a but is that enough to make you a designer? We will see... 

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