Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Holmes and Yang

It's here! Today was the day of Katie Holmes' debut fashion show at New York Fashion Week. Holmes and Yang's collection was beautifully simple but completely wearable. It is elegant, sophisticated but so so so easy to wear. Holmes has described the collection as being, 

'very simple, with very classic lines. We use a lot of silks and leathers and suedes. This year, we’re excited because we’ve incorporated a lot of new trims. It’s basically pieces that have evolved from basics, but not too far. They’re just nice, well-made luxury items that highlight the woman wearing them.'

I would like to see if this brand develops into something further. It looks great but I personally think it's quite forgettable so would like to see more from these designers. 

My outfit: You might not know this, I have done belly dancing for 7 years. So today's outfit is what I wore to my belly dancing class. 

Skirt and top_River Island, jacket_Primark, shoes_Topshop and the belt is from somewhere in Egypt. 


  1. I love your look. Think that Katies collection is gonna work out when its abou selling numbers :) XOXO

  2. Hi meggy, you post is attracting this picture

  3. j'aime beaucoup les tenues!super
    Angela Donava