Friday, 14 September 2012

Fydor Golan

London Fashion Week kicked of today. I think london is my favourite of the fashion weeks because it is colourful, creative and a little bit crazy. Take for example today's runway show from Fydor Golan. The brand launched in 2010 and is described as being,

“A purity of shape and form combined with integrity of texture and detail.”

The reason I have posted about this show is because it perfectly highlights the point I was making about London being a bit crazy. Look at these hats!! Once you have finished taking in the hats please note that all the models have little goatee - strange but true. 

After I had taken in all this madness I came to the conclusion that this collection is beautiful. It has colour, texture, pattern and most importantly of all, the silhouettes and shapes are just stunning. 

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  1. Beautiful outfits... like works of art. That's what I love about these sort of crazy outfits.