Sunday, 5 August 2012

Unexpected Sunday

Do you ever have days which are filled with really unexpected, nice surprises? They are usually very rare but today was definitely one of those days. Firstly, I got new fun shoes (even though I have no money...oops!). Then my neighbour had tickets so see Michael McIntyre tonight but was unable to go so my sister and I went to see him tonight - he was brilliant! And finally, my parents came home from watching the olympics in London and brought me a present of a special olympics Ted Baker bag - amaaaaaazing. So I am a very, very happy girl today. Hope that your Sunday has been fun too!

Top_Marc by Marc Jacobs, leggings_Black Milk, jacket_Primark and shoes_Jeffery Campbell/Black Milk. 


  1. Ooo it does sound like an amazing day! I LOVE your new shoes, they are so crazy awesome :)

  2. love the hair
    you look great as always
    kisses from Milan

  3. omg i love your hair <3

  4. love your outfit! Loved your blog and posts. Come by and let's follow each other! Hope to see you soon;) xx