Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Styling Work

 Hola!! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I have been on holiday in Barcelona. It was so much fun and although it was crazy hot, I have returned home without a tan. 

I'm not doing an outfit post today because I can't find anyone to take a photo for me and my dog is still unable to use a camera. However, it has been a while since I posted some of my styling work that I've done with Lindsay Campbell. Some of this was done ages ago now but I thought you might like to see it anyway. 

The photos above were taken for an editorial piece which will be used in Spectrum magazine at some point, the theme was animal print lingerie. We used eight models on this shoot but I only have a few of the photos to show you. 

The photos above were taken for a watch company in Dubai called 1915. These images will be used as their Autumn/Winter advertising campaign and will be everywhere from buses to billboards in Dubai. The male model in the photos was perhaps the most beautiful person I have ever met, even better looking in person!

The photos above are from Bridges shopping centre's Spring/Summer advertising campaign. All the styling had to appeal to a young market. 

We took the images above on the same day as the ones for Bridges shopping centre. These ones were taken for White Rose shopping centre in Leeds and were used as their Spring/Summer campaign. These ones were styled to appeal to a slightly older market. 

These photos are part of Van Dal shoes' Autumn/Winter campaign. They were looking for a campaign that was slightly edgier than what they had before but would still appeal to an older market. This photo shoot took place over 2 days. On the first day all the photos were taken in a studio and the next day they were taken in an old mansion. I only have these photos at the moment but as soon as I have the others I will post them because it was a really lovely photo shoot. 

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  1. Very good photos. Too bad my cats can't take photos too, it would have been a huge time savior :D