Friday, 27 July 2012

I Can't Make You Love Me

In three weeks I will be putting on a concert, it will be taking place on Princes Street, which is the busiest street in Edinburgh. I have to sing for a whole hour so I should have started practising weeks ago, but no, I started today. I like to record my practices so that I can listen back to them but I'm also going to post them on my blog so you can have a little listen to. This song that I've recorded is 'I Can't Make You Love Me' and is absolutely one of my favourite songs, I think it is beautiful. I can only hope that I do it justice when I sing it. Have a listen and let me know what you think. 
Shorts_Forever 21, top and shoes_Topshop, bag_Michael Kors, sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs and the necklaces are from all over. 


  1. Lovely vocals!! Your voice is sweet and sultry all at the same time! And your pink bag is beautiful, too! Good luck at your gig!!!


  2. I enjoy visiting your blog because every time you have better ideas.

  3. you have beautiful voice <3 it's so deep <3

  4. Ohh, I am completely in love with those shorts - what a beautiful colour! <3 and of course, you are an amazing singer!

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  5. your voice is amazing.
    you have nothing to worry about.