Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Galaxy Leggings

Well, I'm not sure why I haven't owned these leggings until now. I have wanted them for so long and they are just amazing. I might never take them off.

On Saturday night, a drunk girl shouted at me on the street because I was wearing jelly shoes. I was so shocked that somebody would shout just because of what I was wearing. It left me wondering, 'are jelly shoes actually really uncool?!' and I was doubting my footwear choice. Today however, I was getting my hair cut, still wearing my jelly shoes, and reading Grazia. There was a whole article about how jelly shoes are becoming increasingly popular and fashionable so my faith in the shoes was restored. Thank God! 

Leggings_Black Milk, shirt_New Look, jelly shoes_Topshop, sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs and necklace_Vivienne Westwood. 


  1. I would not value the opinion of anyone that feels the need to shout at you in the street.
    killer pose as ever.

  2. I'm not a big fan of galaxy but this is pretty cool.

  3. Your galaxy leggings are amazing! Looks so fantastic! Still looking for a shirt with this print but wasnt able to find one. Well done :) XOXO


  4. Hey Meggy, I'd like to invite you to a photo-shoot for a fashion label taking place in Edinburgh (lots wine and cake for attendees) - apologies for using your comments but couldn't find an email address for you. Attendees get the opportunity to have a piece of the collection named after them...
    It happens from 2pm 6th August - if you'd like to know more get in touch and I'll give you all the details, who the models are, what the label is... etc
    ps. Good luck with the singing!

  5. love your leggings! followed you on gfc, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  6. Amazing leggings!



  7. haha aw mean drunk girl :( i hant really seen jelly shoes yet but i bet they're cute!

  8. I love your outfit, and I have a pair of Jelly shoes I love them! x

  9. Beautiful look, love your hair!:X