Thursday, 26 July 2012

5am Drunk Shopping Spree

I'm a bit tired today (explaining my rather grumpy looking face). I went out dancing last night and decided it was a great idea to wait up for the new Black Milk launch which happened at 5am. I have spent the whole day trying to convince myself that I definitely need the things I purchased and that it was not just a drunk decision. My bank balance does not agree with me. 
I forget I own things and then get really, really happy when I see them sneaking around the back of my wardrobe. I forgot about this skirt but am glad it's back in my life. 

Skirt_Pretaportabello, shoes_Vivienne Westwood, belt_Primark, top_Topshop, jacket_J Crew, bag_Vintage and the jewellery comes from an ensemble of places. 


  1. That skirt is stunning! :-)

  2. super cute! i love this look xx

  3. this skirt is perfect <3

  4. OMG, this outfit is fantastic, I love the way you combined colors! perfect ♥

  5. Cool outfit!
    I went drunk shopping once.. was the best shopping spree ever actually :D.
    oh and thanks for visiting my blog :)