Monday, 4 June 2012

Feeling Good

Well today is the first time I have got dressed in a week, I have been in bed with the flu so I am sorry for the lack of posting. 
My singing teacher told me that I had to start recording my singing practices. So today I did just that, and I have uploaded it for you to have a listen. Please ignore my terrible piano playing and the bad quality of the recording but it's just for fun anyway. Feeling Good is absolutely one of my favourite songs of life. I couldn't even tell you which version I love most, Nina Simone, Muse or Michael Buble, I think that they are all amazing. So, I thought I would have a wee go at singing it myself. I'm performing at a concert in a few weeks and need to think of something to sing, this is definitely a contender. 

Tops and shoes_Topshop, skirt_Dorothy Perkins, belt_River Island, hat_ASOS and basket is vintage. 


  1. You sound lovely :), good luck for the concert! x

  2. Great skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  3. super cute hat! it's nice to get dressed up after being in bed all week, it feels like your brand new, right!