Monday, 18 June 2012

Back Stage at Swarovski Show

I came across these photos today from last week's Scottish Fashion Awards. This is the Swarovski show that I was working at. You can see in the back stage photos just how un-model-like I am!! The show and the stage looked so goos and all the hard work was definitely worth it - don't the models look gorgeous? 

Today I dressed up for summer and in true Scottish tradition, it started to rain. However it was a good chance to get a photo of my new Lulu Guinness umbrella which is super fun because it is a bird cage. 

I hope that Monday hasn't treated you too badly! 

Umbrella_Lulu Guinness, top and shoes_Topshop, skirt_New Look, earrings_Primark and belt_Rver Island. 

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  1. This looks like such an awesome event :) Love the skirt