Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The New Me

A few things happened today. Firstly, I've got really into reading the Hunger Games books even though they are rubbish and so I couldn't put the book down long enough to get dressed. Todays outfit is a bit of a half hearted attempt. 
I also realised how much I have changed in the last couple of months. 2 weeks ago I rather rashly signed up for a 10k run (I have never run any distance before and the odd times when I've run for a bus, I resemble Pheobe running in Friend...) The run takes place in 5 weeks so I have been training quite hard. Today I ran for 4 miles which is the furthest I have ever run. I am finding it difficult to walk now but I am so impressed that I can actually run that far now!
The other slightly life altering thing which has happened to me is that I have started cooking and baking - not only doing it, but actually enjoying it! At the start of the year I couldn't cook to save my life - nothing came out the oven without a thick covering of charcoal on it. Today I made a lasagne and these red velvet fairy cakes for my sister's birthday. So between the cooking and the running I have changed so much this years - I am doing 2 things which I never thought I would be able to do. 

Top_Topshop, jeans_River Island and shoes_Office. 


  1. Your outfit is the cutest :) Cngrats for entering the marathon - it takes real guts

  2. Your ombre pants are soooo cool, love this pretty outfit :)