Sunday, 6 May 2012

My New Favourtite Dress

My baby sister is turning 18 on Wednesday! We were celebrating with the family which is why we are all dressed up - doesn't Emily look gorgeous!?

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my dress saga - I saw it in a magazine and couldn't find it for weeks and weeks and weeks... Well this is the dress and I definitely think it was worth the waiting and searching - I love it so so much and at £17 it was an absolute STEAL. 

Dress_Primark, shoes_Zara, bag_Accessorize, socks_Topshop and I have no idea where my necklaces are from. 


  1. Cute dress! I've got the same socks in mint colour.

  2. I love the dress on the right : )

  3. I can see why you love this dress. It's beautiful on you.
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  4. Gorgeous dress, you look great in it!