Thursday, 31 May 2012

Films I Am Dying to See!

I don't want to wish away the year, especially summer, but I am going to talk about a couple of films which are coming out at Christmas time (can't believe I just mentioned Christmas in May?!) that I am really looking forward to seeing. The first is The Great Gatsby, the trailer got released earlier  this month, it looks amazing. Classy and seductively cool and who can resist Leonardo Dicaprio.... 

The next film which I can't wait to see although I am slightly unsure of how it will be portrayed in a big budget movie is Les Miserables. However, the trailer looks pretty good and Anne Hathaway sings 'I Dreamed A Dream' in it and I think she is actually a really brilliant singer and when she sings this song it sounds so sad but beautiful at the same time. I absolutely love the stage production of this and hope that it has the same magic when it's a film. 

Finally the last film which comes out at the end of the year which I'm dying to see is Gangster Squad which just looks AMAZING and it has Ryan Gosling in it which makes it pretty unmissable!! Emma Stone is working alongside Mr Gosling again (very jealous) but she is a very talented actress and another reason I can't wait to see this film. 

I think that you should all watch these trailers and let me know if you are as excited as I am!!

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  1. I've heard the costumes for The Great Gatsby are amazing :D