Thursday, 31 May 2012

Films I Am Dying to See!

I don't want to wish away the year, especially summer, but I am going to talk about a couple of films which are coming out at Christmas time (can't believe I just mentioned Christmas in May?!) that I am really looking forward to seeing. The first is The Great Gatsby, the trailer got released earlier  this month, it looks amazing. Classy and seductively cool and who can resist Leonardo Dicaprio.... 

The next film which I can't wait to see although I am slightly unsure of how it will be portrayed in a big budget movie is Les Miserables. However, the trailer looks pretty good and Anne Hathaway sings 'I Dreamed A Dream' in it and I think she is actually a really brilliant singer and when she sings this song it sounds so sad but beautiful at the same time. I absolutely love the stage production of this and hope that it has the same magic when it's a film. 

Finally the last film which comes out at the end of the year which I'm dying to see is Gangster Squad which just looks AMAZING and it has Ryan Gosling in it which makes it pretty unmissable!! Emma Stone is working alongside Mr Gosling again (very jealous) but she is a very talented actress and another reason I can't wait to see this film. 

I think that you should all watch these trailers and let me know if you are as excited as I am!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Elle and David Beckham

I have the flu which is no fun at all and means that I haven't been out my be in 2 days. But, it's not all bad because today Vogue and Elle came through my door and nothing makes me happier than having the time to read a magazine cover to cover. 
David Beckham is on the cover of Elle this month, the first man to ever, in 27 years, to be on the cover. I know that a lot of people thought that this might not work - a man on the cover of a  women's fashion magazine?! Does he have too many tattoos?! Wouldn't it be better to have Robert Pattinson on the cover?! 
However, I think it works, he looks amazing on the cover and gives the magazine a really fresh and new look. I have completely fallen in love with Mr Beckham after reading the interview. Although he always looks so confident in his photos (the photos to go with the interview are beautifuuuuuul), when you read the interview you realise that he is a really humble and down to earth guy. All he could talk about in his interview was how proud he was of Victoria and how much he loved his family, he hardly mentioned football at all which is not how I expected him to be. 
It took me a while to come round to the idea of Victoria Beckham as a 
fashion designer, I think we all thought that it was just a vanity project to begin with but now her fashion lines are a success. We stock her Victoria line at work and the quality of her garments is perfect. You can tell that perfection is the only option in her work and that she works really hard to achieve it. 
So it has taken me a few years but I have to say that I now love both the Beckhams and really admire what they do. They clearly both have a very strong work ethic and work incredibly hard to be where they are. Despite this though they put their family first which shows that they are not in it for the money or the fame and I think is really refreshing to see in celebrities now. 

Monday, 28 May 2012


Something you might not know about me is that I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I first read the books when I was 7, so 14 years ago and have loved them ever since. I now have a tradition where every May, I will read the books from start to finish. At the moment I am blissfully happy sitting in my garden, soaking up the sun and reading about Harry's adventures for the umpteenth time. 

Skirt and shoes_New Look, top_Paul and Joe Sister, belt_River Island and basket_Vintage. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Perfect Summer Dress

Well Eurovision didn't go very well for the UK did it... I don't think anyone was surprised though. 
I have far more winter clothes in my wardrobe than summer. 
As we are having a prolonged period of good warm weather I am finding it harder and harder to find nice summer clothes in my wardrobe. Everything seems to be too tight or too short - I think this is a sure sign that I am getting older. This afternoon I went to a birthday BBQ and couldn't find anything suitable to wear so ran out this morning and picked up this wee dress - I think it is the PERFECT summer dress. I want one in every colour. 

Dress and earrings_New Look, belt_ASOS, bag_Accessorise, sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs 
and shoes_H&M.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Well it's Eurovision again, the song contest which you will sit and endure if you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. Sadly, tonight that is me and I plan on watching it from start to finish - God help me. Britain never does well and I don't think that this year is going to be any different...
I am really enjoying the warm weather at the moment because I rarely have the chance to wear dresses and shorts without tights.

Dress_Miss Selfridge, sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs and shoes_Next. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Last Nights Fashion Show Rundown

Today has been a really busy, but really nice day. Spent the day at work, sorting everything out after last nights fashion show, then had margaritas, dinner and went to see 
What To Expect When You're Expecting - which surprised me and was really good. It also has Chase Crawford in it and you can't say no to that!
I'm just doing a quick post today to show you a few of outfits from last nights show before everything went a bit mental and we had to forget about taking photos. It was literally all hands on deck to get the models out and dressed by the end of the show! 

These jeans are the new DVF/Current Elliot collaboration which I love. 
Victoria Beckham sunglasses. 

A cheeky wee L'agence shirt with the J Brand Kinsey jean. These are J Brands new creations with a stripe down the leg to make your lets appear slimmer - perfect. 

More J Brands, in coral as worn by Kate Middleton a few weeks ago. Victoria Beckham python bag which is absolutely stunning but unfortunately costs a small fortune. 

It wouldn't be summer without an M Missoni beach dress and matching flip flops!

This dress is by DVF and has the most amazing thigh high split down the side - this dress is a floor length maxi on me which goes to show how short I am compared to these gorgeous models!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fashion Show Night

We had a fashion show at work today, it was definitely the most eventful fashion show I've ever worked at. One of the models got sick half way through the show so we were all working double time to keep the clothes going out at the right time and in the right order. It all worked out fine in the end but I am glad it is over!
This is what I wore to the fashion show, I think the dress looks like an Erdem, which I love. I will get photos of the show up as soon as I can, which features some lovely real Erdem dresses. 

Dress_River Island, shoes_H&M, bag_Hermes and sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I'm going to a party tonight and I am so excited. This is what I'm wearing. 

Dress_River Island, necklace and belt_H&M, socks_Primark and shoes_Jeffery Campbell. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


At work today we had Erdem staff training. It was really exciting as we got to look at all the new Erdem pieces which will be coming into the shop over the next few months. Erdem is without a doubt one of my favourite designers because his collections are always so brightly coloured and use the most intricate and beautiful patterns. He is also an absolute wizard with lace. 
His designs are timeless as his shapes don't tend to follow what's going on in fashion. I think this is great because it means that they always have a slightly vintage-y feel about them with their high necks, nipped in waists and full or pencil shaped skirts. My favourite look from the whole collection is the trousers with the matching top. I had the chance to try on this look today and it was amazing - I am lusting after it so much. 

Dress_Primark, sandals_Miss Selfridge, cardigan_White Stuff, bag_Hermes, sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs and I have no idea where the necklaces are from. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy Monday

We have a fashion show at work on Thursday so we spent today pulling and styling outfits for the show. This was not an easy task due to it being the end of the season so we don't have many new things in. I always forget how much I hate when season's come to an end... all the clothes look so tired and people are waiting for them to go into sale. We are all excitedly waiting for the new season stock to arrive. 
Please excuse my hair today. I tried to curl it last night and the effect looked like I put my fingers in a socket so I tried to tame it into a bun but this was the best I could do. 

Trousers_ASOS, scarf_Erdem, top_Gap, jacket_Primark, shoes_Miss Selfridge, bag_Hermes and sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jabobs. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rita Ora

It is warm and sunny!! It has been raining non-stop for weeks so it is such a nice feeling to be able to wear some of my summer clothes. 
So I know I had a new style icon yesterday, but I think I have another new one today - I am a style-icon-slut. Anyway I was looking on Vogue at the best dressed people this week and this lovely lady, Rita Ora, popped up wearing this brilliant pyjama suit. I then looked up what else she had been wearing lately and found out she has a brilliant sense of style. I think my favourite of her outfits is the blue and white suit worn with trainers - amazing. 

Playsuit and headband_Topshop, shoes_Zara, jacket_Primark and sunglasses_Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fan Bingbing

I have a new style icon, Fan Bingbing who is a very famous chinese actress. I was looking at some photos from Cannes Film Festival and all her dresses are AMAZING. The first of her dresses, she wore a couple of years ago but I had to include it in this post because it is pretty much the best dress I have ever seen. I love that she wears dresses which are so elegant and individual but are not revealing unlike many other red carpet dresses. 
I think that my favourite thing is that she wore a cape on the red carpet - it looks stunning and is unlike what everyone else was wearing. So I have major love for this girl and I am lusting after her whole wardrobe. 

Skirt_French Connection (although several people at work said it looked like Vivienne Westwood - I wish), shirt_Vintage, satchel_Zatchels, shoes_Next and I'm not sure where the bangles are from. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Miss Del Rey

I told you I would show you a photo of my hair today so...TA DA. It is now purple and blue although I have to admit the blue doesn't show up much in this photo. I'm still getting used to it, it's quite a lot darker than usual, but let me know what you think. 
I tried to curl my hair like Lana Del Rey, it kind of worked but as soon as you step outside, especially in the weather we're having and it just disappears into a mess of nothingness. Fun while it lasts though. Speaking of Miss Del Rey - I can not stop listening to and singing her song 
'This Is What Makes Us Girls', listen here. So so so good. 
Also on the Lana scene, Mulberry launched their new bag the 'Del Rey' this week after the lady herself. I think that the bag is nice enough but I feel it doesn't do Lana any justice, she is far more edgy than this bag. I really can't see this bag being worn with massive gold hoop earrings, even longer fake nails and a couple of knuckle dusters, can you?!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vintage Sale

Today I went to a designer and vintage sale. It was slightly disappointing but I bought a completely amazing pair of black, sparkly, Nicole Farhi trousers for £15!! 
Tonight I'm dying my hair purple and blue - I'll show you all the results tomorrow (unless it goes badly!)

Trousers and socks_Topshop, feather top_River Island and shoes_Next. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wildfox Sun

I came across these photos today and I love them for several reasons. The first being - Wildfox sunglasses?! AMAZING. How good do they look!? I'm after a pair of the black ones. They are not out yet but are coming soon - can't wait. 
Secondly I think this girl is very cute and I wish I looked like her. But I have major hair envy and am thrown back into my conundrum of whether to get a fringe or not. 
Finally, I love these photos because.... I just love them! I think the backgrounds are so simple but brilliant and I love the colours in them, they look like they were shot on a polaroid back in the day. 

So my outfit today... skirt_Zara, boots_Hunter, top_Topshop, jacket_Primark, 
belt_Accessorize (was originally a bag strap), necklace_Rosie Brown and basket_Vintage.