Monday, 16 April 2012

Clear Out Day

I didn't post yesterday because I spent the whole day clearing out my wardrobe. One of those activities which requires you to scrape your hair back and wearing leggings and a jumper. Trust me, nobody wants to see that outfit! I was quite shocked at how many clothes I had clung on to over the years, horrible dresses which are a hangover from being a teenager. 
All my old clothes have all now left my wardrobe for good. Many of them are going to charity, a few have been photographed and put on ebay and some sad and worn pieces are only fit for the bin. 
It is such a nice feeling having a clear and uncluttered wardrobe!

Top and skirt_River Island, earrings_H&M, shoes_Office, clutch_Next and I have no idea where the headband or socks are from. 


  1. i adore that skirt! polka-dots always make me smile :)

  2. Interesting outfit! :)
    I like your style!

  3. cute outfit! love polka dots a lot! <3
    thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, let's follow each other, what do you think? :**