Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Being an Adult

I feel like an adult in this outfit - I don't think that being sensible suits me! I am also a walking contradiction - Vivienne Westwood hates people who wear jeans and yet I am wearing a pair of jeans at the same time as wearing her necklace! Does anyone else find jeans so difficult to wear?! I am never sure what to wear with them..
Tomorrow I am styling another shoot for Hello! magazine - I will tell you who I'm styling later. 
Jeans - J Brand, boots - New Look, shirt - Soaked in Luxury, jacket - River Island, necklace - Vivienne Westwood and bag - Zatchels. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Today was one of those days that seems to go on forever. 
So I'm trying to give up shopping for lent, I only started yesterday (was a bit late!) but so far it's going well! This is really going to test my self control...
Top - Topshop, skirt - Miss Selfridge, shoes - River Island, belt - Forever 21, necklace - H&M, 
earrings -New Look and I have no idea where the bracelets came from. 

Monday, 27 February 2012


Sorry for the out of focus photos! 
Today I have been practising my diva singing and pretty much can't speak anymore.
Shorts - Topshop, shirt and shoes - Zara, necklace - Dorothy Perkins and scarf - Accessories. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flashes of Colour

I find this skirt so hard to wear! It's not quite high waisted, and even if you wear it on your hips it's still a little bit short to wear with heels. I think I've cracked it today though with a bright pair of ballet pumps and other bright accessories. 
The other photos are for my respect women's bodies project that I'm doing for uni. Let me know what you think about them. 
Skirt - River Island, belt - ASOS, shoes - Office, I made the T-shirt and I don't know where the flower or the scarf came from. 
Please leave your thoughts and comments because I love reading them!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

More Pay Day Fun

I am not allowed to go shopping for the rest of the month! I have already spent the majority of my pay! 
I went into work today and this gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg bag had just arrived - I just couldn't help myself! 
Jacket and shoes - River Island, top - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - Zara, belt - ASOS, earrings - New Look, necklace - McQueen and bag - Diane von Furstenberg. 
I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Friday, 24 February 2012


I love seeing peoples faces when you are dressed up to go to the supermarket! 
Not a lot to say today but please leave your comments because  I love reading them.
Shorts - Forever 21, top - Topshop, jacket - Oakwood, shoes - Zara, necklace - Mafia and bag - H&M.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Springtime Shoes

I saw these shoes last week and since then I have been thinking about them. I finally bought them today and we are in LOVE. They are Springtime in a shoe. 
I have recently found that my dad's wardrobe is brilliant. Once again this is one of his shirts, 
and it's Aquascutem! Who knew?! 
The photos where I'm covered in paint are for my Typography and Graphics class. I'm still exploring the idea of respect for women's bodies. Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas.
Shirt - Aquascutem, jeans - ASOS, necklace - Mafia and shoes - River Island.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I am desperately trying to inject Springtime into my wardrobe. 
Dress - Dorothy Perkins, cardi - Topshop, belt - Forever 21, bag - Hermes, boots - New Look, 
jewellery - McQueen and I have no idea where the flowers are from. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More From London Fashion Week

So today is a bit of a mash-up post. Above are photos from London Fashion Week yesterday and what I was wearing. I felt that the outfits yesterday were disappointing after the ones which were around on Sunday.  
I've also included a video of my friend Rosie being interviewed at Fashion Week, I love how she mentions my blog!! What a star!
Below is what I was wearing today - I think that it's all from River Island. 
Let's talk about River Island, the new season clothes in these are AMAZING. They have truly beaten Topshop and are officially my favourite High Street shop.
Happy Pancake Day!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

London Fashion Week Street Style

Today I'm doing a bit of a mammoth post! It was my first day at London Fashion Week today, and despite it being freeing cold, it was AMAZING. So obviously my wonderful friends were looking 
the best (we're in the pictures above) - but if you are interested in what everyone else was wearing, I've posted their photos bellow. 
I told you that I couldn't decide what to wear - so I settled on wearing my pyjama top, ha! 
My outfit is, skirt - Dorothy Perkins, top - Topshop, belt - ASOS, jacket - Oakwood, boots - Dorothy Perkins, bag and necklace - H&M and sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
Please leave your comments! More tomorrow kittens!