Sunday, 29 January 2012


I can't cook at all. No matter how much I try, my cooking never works out like it should. So, my New Years resolution for this year is to learn to cook something new every week. Tonight I am learning to make a curry. If I was a housewife, this is the kind of thing I would wear every day!
Shirt - Vintage, skirt - River Island, boots - New Look and earrings and bag - H&M. 


  1. this river island skirt is amazing, i love anything with giant polka dots in black & white. looks great with how you've styled it. xxx

  2. I was really bad with cooking too - don't worry it will get better with time :) xo

  3. Great combination! Perfect sense of style.

  4. Great comb of the polka dot and the orange!!!

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