Monday, 5 December 2011

Snow and White Jeans

That is actual real snow and I would be quite happy if that's all we got this year - I am not a fan of snow. However it does make for a pretty picture. 
On a happier note - I finished uni today! One month of bliss ahead! When I am not at work I am going to do lots of sewing and eating - brill. 
So seeing as it's snowing I thought it was the perfect time to bring out white cropped jeans... Clearly I am slightly delirious after staying up half the night finishing various uni projects. 
Jeans - MiH at Jane Davidson, headband - Oakwood at Jane Davidson, jumper - H&M, boots - New Look, bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company and I honestly don't know where the jewellery came from. 


  1. I want that satchel so bad in fluo yellow !! And your chelsea's are nice...

    Cooool !!!

  2. Amazing blog <3 <3

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