Monday, 5 December 2011

Saturday's Post

This post really should've been posted on Saturday but I have been ridiculously busy finishing of all my uni  work so I haven't had the time. As of today though I will have finished uni and will be back to posting regularly. 
So the video is of my choir's performance which we did on Saturday, I'm the soloist which is quite exciting and you can now hear what I sound like! Unfortunately my sister who was filming is as short as I am and couldn't see past the crowd to film properly but the music is all there. 
Now the outfit I'm wearing here is what I wore to my Christmas staff night out on Saturday which was brilliant. Im wearing a velvet skirt which I made, jumper and necklace - H&M, belt - Dorothy Perkins and boots - New Look.

1 comment:

  1. and you *sing* too!!!
    great voice Meggy - real soulful
    haha I'd never have the guts to sing in front
    of people - but then if my voice was as good as yours :)
    ... great outfit