Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Tonight I'm teaching Zumba for the first time in a few months and I'm really excited! 
Today I put on my outfit - orange jeans - Zara, belt, shirt and boots River Island and necklace and earrings - H&M. But it just didn't feel sparkly enough so I added in this disco ball hat which is also from River Island. 
Please leave your comments because I love reading them.


  1. I like your sheer top! it goes well with your bright orange pants. Love it!


  2. amazing shoes and colourful pants. It's just amazing outfit for autumn!
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    with love,
    your opinion is VERY important for me!

  3. Love the transparent shirt! You look great!

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  4. Wow, how amazing are those coral pants?! I love the sequined hat too!

  5. I love colored denim for Fall! It's one piece but it really updates your wardrobe ~jen

  6. I have the same sparkly beret!! But it looks much better on you! On me it looks like I have a conehead! xx

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  7. Great outfit. I love the sheer top and sequin hat combo. You are gorgeous.

  8. well I'm no fashion expert Meggy - haha
    but what I love is that you always evoke a
    different feeling each outfit
    you look like a totally different person

  9. Meggy i love the color of your pants!!! its so cute :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala
    i'm following you now :)