Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Florence and the Machine

Yesterday I bought Florence and the Machine's new album - it is AMAZING. I can't stop listening and singing along. Go and get it now!
Today I'm wearing jumper - Gap, skirt - Pretaportabello, necklace - Joy, belt - ASOS and 
shoes - New Look. 
Please leave your comments, I love reading them. 


  1. Your skirt is beautiful! Lovely outfit :) I haven't listened to their new album yet but now I really want to go listen to it!

  2. totally agree - it's bloomin' amazing!!!!!!
    SHAKE IT OUT blows me away - challenging my current fave song
    to be song of the year + I didn't expect that to happen!!
    love hearing what you're listening to
    ... you should do more music posts!