Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Exploding Brain

I'm not sure why blogger insists on doing crazy things to a lot of my photos but I kind of like it. Maybe blogger hates my legs!
This week I've been feeling like my brain is going to explode - I have so much on at the moment, I have to do lists coming out of my ears. 
I'm working at a fashion show tomorrow and I have absolutely no idea what to wear - please give me some ideas. 
So today - skirt - Miss Selfridge, jumper - H&M, boots - New Look, belt - River Island, hat - Accessorise and cape - Oakwood at Jane Davidson. 


  1. why won't blogger warhol-ise my photos!!??

    you don't need any input on what to wear Meggy
    it'll be killer for sure!

  2. You look absolutely stunning, such a chic skirt and a cute hat <3

  3. you look great!!

  4. wow that cape is great!

  5. wear the Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer '11 dress. its my fave. xx