Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get good photos for my blog at the moment. It is completely dark when I get home from work/uni and I am far too disorganised to take them before work. 
I am really sad that this season of Project Runway has finished! However rumour has is a new series of Project Accessory is starting, I'm interested in seeing what it will be like. 
I sang a solo at my choir today which was so exciting - I haven't sang a solo in years. 
Today I'm wearing, top and skirt - Topshop, boots and belt - River Island, necklace - H&M and (mum's) bag - Hermes. 


  1. this is my favourite photos of yours so far!
    I love all the colours/contrasts and angles
    beautiful lighting meggy
    it's like a film set!!

    super cool outfit as ever :)

  2. Pretty, I love your skirt and top :) Yeah, I'm kind of sad project runway is finished,too. I want to watch project accessory.

  3. you look amazing with the top :D

    I hope you will follow my blog because i'm following yours right now!
    Thanks in advance!

  4. You look great in your outfit! And very lovely Hermes bag!

    Now following, hope you do too!