Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Weekend

Sorry for the complete neglect of my blog recently. Thought I would do a little round up of my weekend's events. 
I'll start with the arival of my new 50mm camera lens - I am in love, the photos it produces are beautiful. 
I also got this beautiful vintage SLR camera. It works perfectly and I LOVE it. Once I get some photos from it developed, I will show you them 
Next my halloween outfit, I was a gypsy bride. If you've never seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, you should watch it. The bigger, more sparkly and the more it lights up the better. The dress wouldn't be complete without fake tan, nails, eyelashes and hair extensions. 
I've only done one outfit, just before I went to the cinema to see the new Tintin movie - it was brilliant. Dress and belt - Dorothy Perkins, wrap - H&M, headband - Oakwood at Jane Davidson and boots - River Island. 
This weekend I also carves my first ever halloween pumpkin! I think it turned out pretty well. 
I have also included some photos of a genuine magazine I bought, it is full of pictures and articles about mermaids - hilarious but amazing at the same time!
And finally my amazing I heart horses socks - enough said.
Hope you've all had a good weekend.

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  1. HEy photos are amazing:) Check out my halloween photos :PP