Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Today it has taken me 3 hours to upload this photo. If you don't know Galashiels, which I imagine most of you don't, it's a tiny town in the Scottish borders. This is where I go to uni and where I live for half of the week. The internet as well as half of the appliances in our flat don't work. I've been back a day and am already showing signs of cabin fever, please send help. 
Shirt - River Island, skirt - FCUK and shoes and earrings are from H&M.
This is a plant we bought to try and cheer the place up, it might look like a hospital though...


  1. Good luck with your other posts!


  2. i know exactly how you feel... being in the middle of nowhere with no or very slow internet! good luck i hope it gets sorted haha xx