Monday, 15 August 2011

One of my favourite dresses


Day off work! I got this dress when I was 13 and although it's a bit snug (I can't wear a bra with it), I love it and can't part with it. The dress is from French Connection and my shoes from Office. 
I haven't really done anything today except drink cups of tea, it's been amazing. However it has left me with a lack of things to say. 
Please leave your comments!


  1. haha so lucky! What a nice and relaxing day! I love the dress. For something you got when you were 13, it's surprisingly on trend now, as denim is becoming so big! I love the shoes you paired with it as well, and the gorgeous necklace!


  2. Such a cute dress! I've been contemplating buying a denim dress for myself.
    I love it when you can "reinvent" the things you bought when you were younger.

    Deer. Lady

  3. Fantastic!!!!*_*;D