Thursday, 18 August 2011

Half Post

Today I slept in by nearly an hour - so yes I'm half asleep in this photo. I knew I wouldn't have time after work to take a photo today so I'm actually in the middle of getting dressed here, I don't have my necklace, lipstick, glasses or jacket on yet. So, I guess it's really only half an outfit, sorry!
Anyway skirt and earrings - H&M, vintage shirt, belt - River Island and shoes - New Look.
Spent the day at work taking photos for our website which was fun. We got the coolest bag ever at work today, it's by DVF and it's a briefcase/satchel with a bit at the back for your iPad. I WANT IT! (I think I would need an iPad first though...)


  1. That purse is awesome!! I love it


    My Stylish Little Secret

  2. so chic!
    i hope you'll come check out COSMICaroline, my new banner, and upcoming photos from my band's last show!


  3. that bad is SOOOOOOO beautiful! I'm in love.

    Loving your blog!

    <3 Gelene

  4. This bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I want it and PRONTO:))))

    Very cute photo and flats btw too!

    I follow your blog! You take really great photos!
    I'd love if you becaome one of my lovely followers too:))



  5. Lovely outfit.. and helloooooo DVF bag
    lee x

  6. oh my, you look so HOT and classy :D I completely love this outfit ♥