Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cape cape cape cape

Heyloo.  This is my new cape, its by Oakwood and we are in love. I was wearing him with trousers earlier ( I promise I didn't go out like this) but they got soaked in the rain so took them off. I had a very busy day being out and about in the Edinburgh Festival, I saw a couple of street performers juggling a chainsaw and other crazy items, then went for an interesting noodle meal and finally a comedy show which was brilliant. It showed some of the best comedians at the festival and all the money from the tickets went to charity. 
I think I might have finally tracked down a way to getting to London Fashion Week which I'm really excited about, I will tell you more details when I have them. 


  1. Such a fun thing to have. I wish I had a cape!

    Deer. Lady

  2. Awesome blog! I looove your style, your hair and that cape. I'm a new follower, thanks for following me, your blog is ahh-mazing!
    xx, Maria