Thursday, 14 July 2011

Spain - Day 2

When I'm on holiday I really don't dress up to much, it's too hot for any fuss. So today we went to the market and I was wearing this, t-shirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs, shorts - Topshop, sandals - River Island and a vintage basket. I bought a 'gap yah' style bag at the market and will no doubt wear it tomorrow and show you. 
I've spent the afternoon reading (or at least trying to read) Spanish Vogue and as far as Vogues go it is one of my favourites. It has hardly any adverts in it, lots of big photo shoots and the clothes it features are on trend but are all really classic pieces. They also featured quite a few artists as well as designers. I wish I could've read it properly though - Dora the Explorer has not taught me enough Spanish for that yet!


  1. really like this outfit, simple and casual but super cute. and the scenery in this photo looks completely breathtaking! i've never been to spain, but i need to take a trip someday.

  2. gorgeous outfit!! amazing photos!!

  3. Gorgeous backdrop!! And cute outfit, of course ;)

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  4. I've never read Spanish Vogue. Now of course I'll have to. Hope you're having a lovely holiday--I got to go to Spain once and would love to go back.

    Great high-waist shorts btw.

  5. Lovely, great summer outfit!!!

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  6. you look super cute! I love you basket purse! :]
    Be glad Dora's taught you something. Homegirl has not gotten through to me yet.
    You have a great blog and great style! Im definitely following!
    Have a great weekend!

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  8. gorgeous picture and composition. you look great!

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  10. You are pretty *-* I love the shorts ♥ how are you ? :)

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  12. I like this outfit, the shorts are cool !