Monday, 11 July 2011

Egyptian Dress

Today I dug out some winter clothes because the weather today was horrible, so my Egyptian style dress is from New Look and the shoes are from Dune. Today work was lovely because my manager got engaged yesterday so we had some champagne. Tomorrow I'm working on my first proper photo shoot, I'm so excited. It's for the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow (It's a big shopping centre).

Also I've been nominated for another award,the top ten award, by, thank you!

So for this award I need to tell you my beauty secrets. (This could be difficult as I really don't wear much make up!)
Hair: Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance - Leave in Conditioner
Lashes: Max Factor - Masterpiece Mascara
Lips:  Mac - Vagas Volt
Eyeshadow:  Anything by Mac
Eyeliner:  Mac Blitz and Glitz Gel Eyeliner 
Shower gel: Body Shop - Mango
Sunscreen: Anything with factor 50
Nailpolish: Nails Inc. - Chelsea Square

And now my top 10 favourite blogs (they might be very similar to the last ones I chose!) 


  1. thx for your comment on my blog and that your nominated me for the secound time :)

    I am very happy :)

  2. hey thanks for the blog award, first and foremost, i really appreciate it.

    you look cute in that first picture. i'm loving your outfit.

  3. Loving your blog right now. Congrats on the nomination, that's huge!

  4. Wow congratulations! It's so great that you are getting the recognition that you deserve! I love this dress, it's so cool and very interesting. The pattern is lovely. I also love your shoes. And you are sooo lucky that your hair still looks gorgeous in a bun! Mine just looks sloppy, but yours still looks really gorgeous and chic.


  5. Wow, I LOVE your dress!! The pattern looks great!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  6. Gorgeous dress - I adore your style!! Thank you so much for putting me on your top 10 of favorite blogs <3

  7. u have great outfits and a lovely blog! definitely follow u! :D


  8. That is such a lovely dress! The pattern is great :)

  9. Congratulations on your project! You look beautiful! I like the pattern of your dress and your hair!

    Following you now on Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  10. Great Dress! I love the colours and print! Congrats on your project!

  11. wow thanks again babe! ill be doing this and the lovely blog award at the same time tomorrow.
    thanks again!