Friday, 10 June 2011

A little bit pretty

Yesterday I showed you todays outfit and it was only today I realised that was a bad plan. So again I'm showing you tomorrows outfit - I think I might be a blog that shows things before they happen. My blog could be like a dress rehearsal
This dress is lovely but it only suits hair up, so obviously I had to wear the matching hairband. You might recognise my belt...yesterday it was a bracelet. The shoes I'm wearing have been stolen from my sister - but she doesn't know yet. 
I think if I attended garden parties I would wear an outfit like this, however I don't so I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow. 
I'm off to watch Cinderella and drink tea now!


  1. beautiful dress! xxx

  2. Thank you. I am completely in love with your blog.


  3. beautiful pictures and clothes xx