Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Today was another miserable rainy day, but I don't really mind as today I'm off to Barcelona! I'm staying there until Sunday and am so excited to get some sun. My mum is going to be in charge of my blog for the few days when I'm gone. 
Today's outfit is a dress with a jumper which I've worn the wrong way round as a cardigan, I almost prefer it as a cardi!
This is my 62nd blog post and I have set my self a challenge to have 100 followers by my 100th blog. So please help me out and follow me if you're reading. Thanks!


  1. You look lovely, I like your outfit and you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  2. That's such a lovely look! Love that dress!!!