Friday, 17 June 2011

Armani Coat

This is today's outfit for work. At work today I fell in love with this beautiful grey cashmere coat by Armani Collezioni. I only need to find a spare £350 and it's mine. I might play the lottery tonight! In this photo the collar is done up but it can also be undone and then it looks really slouchy. Tricky... The rest of the Armani pre-collection is also really nice and I don't usually like Armani. 
Also please note my mum's gorgeous handbag (Hermes) which I have been stealing for the last few months - it's love. 


  1. Love that bag!

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  2. i love your bag and your scarf!

  3. great pants!:)

  4. Love everything about this outfit! The trousers and the sandals are so cute!
    Love your blog.
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