Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Trip to Tesco

I like the feeling I get when I walk down the street and I know that people are looking at me, I don't know if they are thinking, 'Omg, what the hell is that girl wearing?!' in a disaproving way or whether they are saying 'Omg, what the hell is that girl wearing?!' in an admiring way. However they are saying it, it makes me feel good, because I'm making a statement and people notice.
So this is me going to Tesco, in my banana leggings( Topshop - Not quite Prada ), which my sister wants to burn but I love, and eyeliner that even David Bowie would be jealous of. I think it's important to always make an effort with what you wear regardless of whether you are going to Tesco or the Royal Wedding. 


  1. Those leggings are awesome! x

  2. Thanks! I love them so much but Emily thinks they are disgusting! xx

  3. BANANA LEGGINGS!! NO WAY. That's awesome.