Friday, 13 May 2011

Style Diaries

I'm feeling really inspired today, the book 'Style Diaries' arrived for me in the post. For me it felt like home, it is a book about street fashion around the world, looking at different inspirational blogs. I felt like I could really relate to the people - I don't know anyone else who can't sleep if they don't know what they are going to wear the next day, however Edward Honaker in the book is the same! Also this is perhaps the best quote ever - 'One should never say 'never', but I haven't had the occasion or desire yet to wear any sort of animal print' - James Andrew (Hero).
So in light of my new inspiration I have taken some photos. This is todays outfit featuring my new shoes. I have also taken photos of my washing line because clothes are beautiful and important to me even if they are just on the washing line.
I also got a new tripod today which has made taking photos that little bit easier.
Also introducing- Hector - my dog, who is apparently not camera shy.

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